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Septic tanks perform on-site wastewater management on the property rather than sending wastewater to a municipal treatment facility. You’ll need a septic system if construction is outside a municipal area. The septic tank is a self-contained storage tank for the wastewater where natural bacteria decomposes human waste.

If you are building a home or upgrading a septic system, you may be wondering, “What size septic system do I need?” The answer depends on how many bedrooms are in the house and what size system Clackamas County Soil’s department has stated you must install. They will inform you that after a site evaluation (test holes & permit) are done and submitted to them.

Bedrooms in the Home Set Minimum Tank Size

Septic tanks are sized by the amount of liquid waste they must process. Clackamas County Soils Department sets the minimum tank size for a residential property by the number of bedrooms in the home. In Oregon, the septic tank must be at least 1,000 gallons for a property with four bedrooms or fewer. A larger home must have a tank 1,500-gallon capacity.

However, Clackamas County soils department rules say that a larger capacity tank may be required for “special or unique waste characteristics, such as flow patterns, volumes, waste strength, or facility operation.” You should have a larger tank if the property will produce higher than normal wastewater. If you are debating between two sizes, it’s best to opt for the bigger because it will help the entire system operate better and require less frequent tank pumping.

Get Help from Professionals to Avoid Hassles

The owners at Tthe Drain Doctor’s, Jerry and Molly, take the hassle and confusion out of septic tank pumping, replacement, and new installation. They will answer your questions, explain the process and give you an estimated cost. In over 35 years of septic work, They have helped people with failing systems and damaged drain fields caused by not properly maintaining their septic system. Your septic hassles are our expertise. Call today for more information.