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The Drain Doctor Septic Tank Installation Process

When you need your septic tank or system repaired or replaced, you need someone who can handle the entire septic tank installation process professionally.

The Drain Doctor’s Rooter & Septic Service handles county, permitting, and installation.

Septic Tank Installation Steps

  • Talk with you to determine the best process to replace your septic tank.
  • Shoot the grades between the house and the tank and the first distribution box to make sure we meet codes.
  • Provide an estimate of cost for the tank replacement.
  • Once you sign the contract and permit application the Drain Doctor’s crew will get the county permits needed to do the job.

The day of replacement:

  1. Pump the old septic tank
  2. Dig up & remove old septic tank
  3. Install new concrete septic tank
  4. Connect plumbing from the house, & from tank to first distribution box
  5. Ready all components for county inspections

After passing inspections we will back grade to normal level & now you are back in service.

We educate you on the best maintenance plan for your new septic tank, the dos and don’ts for your system and warning signs of problems down the road.

You get on with life (and hopefully refer Drain Doctor to friends).

Timing and Communication

Usually, you will be out of service only a couple of days while we install the new septic tank. An expert, likely Molly (since Jerry is out in the field), is available to answer your questions throughout the process. We pride ourselves on prompt, honest communication and will update you immediately if any delays arise.

View of a septic tank installation project with riser on opening to the tank before final backfill.

opening to the tank before final backfill

Part of new drain field

Outgoing main line between septic tank and distribution box

Outgoing main line between septic tank (top) and distribution box (bottom) before being back filled

Drain Lines being installed

Drain Lines being installed

The Drain Doctor also provides septic system installations for new construction, remodel and replacing existing systems. Jerry has over 35 years of experience. If you need information about the types of septic systems, estimated costs, or possible complications, please give us a call at 503-630-7802.